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Mike Enayah Design
Mike Enayah Design5
Mike Enayah

Mike Enayah has quite a unique perspective when it comes to design. It is best described of being universal. He brought years of experience as an architect, furniture designer and interior designer to the world of transportation design. Then he took all that experience to the world of product design. His unique experience allowed him to always have the ability to quickly process information and harness all the needed energy to successfully achieve the given challenge. 

His universality is not limited to his education and experiences but it expands to his extensive travel and projects that took him all over the world, from F-1 design contributions to the Jumeirah Pam construction in Dubai, and from establishing a design process in India to managing a design team in China.

Mike is a skilled mentor with great portages leading design organizations all over the world. 

Mike's strongest suit is working with others to achieve success.